Need some help pls?

I need some help. Im still confused of hwo to switch animations when sliding, jumping and running.
Need some help

Hey Qwen, you’ll need to be more specific. In general, you can select animations by adding various Animation blocks, and then activating the “play” input on the block you want to display.


Techinally what I am saying is i want to play different animation on different key presses but if you insert a running animation, no matter what you press or if you put another animation and insert it into another key it wouldn’t show that animation it would still show the running animation. So Im asking How do i use switch to turn off the running animation, and make it show the current animation I want it to be?

I don’t believe this is correct. If you play animation “run”, then trigger animation “jump” while the “run” animation is playing, it should change to “jump”.

Animations also have a “priority” setting, however. If the run animation has the highest priority, then other lower-priority animations will not start while the run animation is playing.

Also, make sure that you are only starting each animation once, at the time you want it to start playing. If you are activating all the animations every frame, then you’ll have a hard time figuring out which animation will end up playing when.

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Hes talking about…


Oh I didn’t read your whole post.