Need some help with camera

Hi i am makng a top down game here is the scenario:

I have a player that is followed by camera, the level background is green to represent grass and i have objects outside of the green box area in the editor… my problem is that when the character moves out of the green level borders the camera no longer follows him it is confined to the green area only… what i would like is for the green area to follow along with the character so that it will be in the background the whole time while i am walking to different areas that are outside the starting area. How would be the best way to set up the camera in this circumstance?

2 ways of doing this;

  1. In the Camera behavior the is an option to expand the X and Y values of what the camera sees. Changing this will make the camera follow where the player is within those bounds.

  2. Doing this

    Makes the camera always follow the player.

The Expressions have the characters are ‘X-(Screen Width/2)’ and 'Y-(Screen Height/2)