Need someone who's good at behaviors for 12,000 BC, a prehistoric open world survival game JOB OPEN

I need someone who’s experienced at behaviors for my game, 12,000 BC.
Here are some images from in game.
On land

In the water

On shore

Cutting down trees

Just comment below if you’re exceptionally good at flowlab behaviors, I would love your help and you would get a cut of the profits when I put this up on steam and the app store.
Thanks for reading
Have a nice day
Comment below if you’re interested.

I would love to help, right now Im kind of confused and dont know what to do so this seems fun and interesting thank you.

Hi, I am not not super good, but i’m interested.

I can’t really help but i just wanna say i love ur concept goodluck with it :slight_smile:

I’d be interested in helping maybe. looks cool. I’m not “exceptionally good” at behaviors, but I have about a year’s experience with flowlab. I’m probably not what you’re looking for, but I’d be happy to help with art or coding if you need that.

but if you really need “exceptionally good at behaviors” I’d ask TInkerSmith, JR 01, or PixelPizza if they aren’t busy. That’s just off the top of my head, I know there’s lot’s more people that are really good.

some games I’ve made solo:

my pixel art:

@F3Art If you want to help that’d be great!

@GrimProductionZ and @USERNAME55 Comment some of your works

@potatopants Thanks.

It looks like a cool game from the screenshots. I’m currently helping @Ramshacklegamestudios a bit with DoM so I might not be able to help very much. it looks cool though. If you want me on your team maybe i could tell you when I’m not busy and you could tell me what you need done if that’s okay.

Hey umm do you have a dev team so i can join and help with your game

@GrimProductionZ You seem good at behaviors judging by your game, could you make something really quick so i cam test how good your behaviors are, i have an idea

Like make what

could you make a system where you have to have a certain tool equipped to destroy a certain block, make 3 different tools and 3 different blocks and make it so each block can only be destroyed with a specific tool

On your game or on one of mine

Cuz on your game sure but if you want me to create a new game for that i would but i dont really have the time trying to use it wisely plus I already created with five blocks except instead of breaking you place

my game
@GrimProductionZ Im adding u to the team rn

Oh ok thanks

i added u