Need someone who's good at behaviors for 12,000 BC, a prehistoric open world survival game JOB OPEN

Saving is still locked for me :frowning:

u can now

Oh ok thank you

Ok Im going to remake some fo the map by rearranging some things thing

Also changing some of the art to match the characters and stuff tell me if you do not like it and ill will change back ok


i like the grass keep up the good work

@GrimProductionZ i dont like the sand

Yeah is it the color because it looks find to me i guess or is it the texture

Im probably going to change it into a wavy texture making it look like tiny dunes like at a beach


@GrimProductionZ wut r u makin

What do you mean the sand because Im struggling on the sand

no the dirt things at the top

Those are walls and a path in between them which gives the illusion that your walking up a hill

@GrimProductionZ nah i dont want that could you make maybe leather or fur or rope items or something

Oh ok


Hey imma work on this tomorrow Im tired tomorrow ill get working on a stone place with rocks and ores as well with getting started with some mechanics well goodnight.

ok gn

@praisetheyuppee Im not too awfully good at making super good games, but I would gladly help by playing and giving feedback on your game. Which im doing the same thing for DoM reboot. So I guess thats sorta my job now. Just play your games and give feedback. I wont give like a score (Like 7/10 stuff) cause im not too much of a critic to do that type of stuff.