Needing help with understanding expressions.

So quick intro. I’ve decided to use Flowlab to make some simple games (Aren’t we all?). My first game I am working on is sort of a clicker game. I need help with expressions. Now, I’ve used the search feature but didn’t find anything that went super in-depth about how they work. And I don’t seem to be getting the gest of it from the handbook. Any old topics that can be linked or anything really would be helpful.

Expressions? It’s just a calculator. What did you need to know more about?

If you’re making a simple game, all you need is a number going to A, a number going to B, and some kind of trigger to evaluate it. If you want to add, type A+B in the bar, A-B for subtraction, * is used instead of for multiplication, and / is used instead of for division.

Unless you’re a mathematician and understand the advanced functions of a scientific or graphing calculator, that should be all you need to know. (I don’t use anything else, I never took calculus in high school, I’m sure it would be useful, but I get by without it.)

Anything you don’t really understand, just specify it. It’s really just a calculator.