Nevermind dont read

You should add duplicating blocks to flowlab @grazer. It would be helpful if you needed to duplicate code instead of take the long haul and drag it out of the block area. Should also work with the select arrow.

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You… You mean the copy and past feature?

Sort of, but it’s just a button

You mean like parenting?

No not really…

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I don’t think we understand your request… Could you try to explain it more thoroughly?

you click on a block. It brings up two options, one being OK, the other being DELETE. There should just be a third one saying DUPLICATE.

you can duplicate them…

How do you do that?

when you click on the object it should say 4 options, including clone.


Do you mean this?

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ok how do I delete a forum…

Why would you need to? I’m pretty sure the only reason you would need to is if someone said some offensive stuff but I don’t see anything here.

I already had my question answered. My job here is done

But if someone else had the same problem they could look it up but since this wouldn’t show up they would then need to make another topic, if you left it it would help expand the knowledge of people like you from 10 minuets ago. But if you feel the need to do so I won’t stop you.

What screen recorder do you use???

Its a program called screen to gif. If you want I can get the link.
Here it is.

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