New 3d game

After playing action shooter 3d by @“The Kodex” I wanted to try this 3d technique, let me know what you think and be honest.



don’t know why nobody is playing this but it’s cool

Thanks @MrMcMemerMan, it’s been up for a few months, and no one commented, Congratulations you’re the first one. lol


I don’t remember seeing this posted originally. It’s a cool idea though - I tried it just now and I couldn’t seem to get past the first “town” level to actually start playing. Not sure if I was supposed to do something specific or if something is broken there.

OHHHH this is where formula-d came from, i have a cool idea for one of formula-d’s attacks in FAS, he drives in his racecar until you press a button and he jumps out, but it can damage other players.

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The game was in development so I was working on something with the town I just fixed it so you can play.

do you agree? and which car sprite do i use?

Sounds awesome @ShadowGaming, can’t wait until it’s finished, I’ll comment the car I want to use I might make a new one because the 2d one is a little big for your game I think.

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okay, cool, but it has to look like Formula-D could actually fit in it, not a clown car xD

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I think the seconds messed up or something, but this is what I got.

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The game was in development and I wasn’t expecting people to start playing it so that’s why there are some things like that, I’ll fix them. also, I wouldn’t use the ongoing mode I was having some problems that I’m fixing so I’m gonna get rid of the button for now.

Here you are, feel free to edit it and make any animations for it!

theres no image there…

Sorry about that,image

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Hey! @The_Kodex Here! Don’t know why I never saw this! It’s amazing! Really great work I love it!

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