New 8-bit studio game (N8G) you pick

so which one should you pick?

  • The Lights Out TLO
  • The Inventor: Startup (series)

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Inventor story:
A kid named Venture™ was a curious one he wanted to know lots of things, as he grew up he made enemies, friends, and inventions . his inventions were great for the community but
the evil Dr.Portal™ wants his inventions to take over the world could Venture defeat him? will Dr.portal win? Can Venture’s friends and lively inventions save the world?

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Lights out story:
A kid named Player (Its the player XD) is staying up late on his computer he checks the news on his new TV(television is a dumb name) and it says paranormal things have been going on
but hes like:I don’t care. SO he goes on his computer but then…(You guessed it) THE LIGHTS GO OUT. All eletrical things go out hes like IF I COULD SAY IT…but a noise comes

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I don’t want to be rude or anything, but I feel that you should work on your current game before working on another one. It’s okay to have an extra game to work on so you can have a break from a more big project. I know that you and me were working on Tattle Tail, and then you started up lights out, which I feel is an okay thing to do since it does give you a break some the same game everytime, but I think you should continue working on Lights Out until you are either finished with it or your break time is up.

I know this sounds kind of harsh, but if you keep making new projects that are half finished, that just means more work for you in the future, unless those games are just testing games, which I tend to start new projects only to test out different play features, but the fact that you advertise them a lot means that you want it to be an official game. I honestly like The Inventor and it sounds like an absolutely great story and I would love to see it in game, but I just feel you should continue with previous projects like Lights Out. I mean, that’s just a reason of why I think you should continue lights out, I’m sure others have different opinions, but I just feel that thats the main point.

Other than that, I really couldn’t decide cause both seemed like great options.

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The first Lights out was really a test game i wanted to remember what happens by PLAYING the game and keeping it in my memory

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Well, if your main goal was it to be a test game, then I would have to say go for the Inventor, but I would recommend not having too many demos and stuff, cause then you either have to finish it or continue leaving it to collect dust. Which I kind of already had an idea that it was more of a game to take a break from Tattle Tail so I don’t really mind, its just an opinion that I had since we had to choose.