New Behavior Block 'Note'

It has been mentioned before, but I think it would be a really useful addition.
I suggest a ‘Note’, or ‘Comment’ block (… Note would be shorter though).
Unfolded it would only show a title, like the labels on some blocks, and opened one could read a more detailed explanation.

Who hasn’t been there. You open a file after a long time and wonder: What the *CENSORED* was I thinking?
Bazinga check the notes :wink:
In addition it would also be very helpful when you provide code samples for beginners or tutorial examples.

Here a little mock up:
Behavior Note

@grazer one for your Trello List :slight_smile:

that is a good idea @grazer should definitely add that it would be so helpful. it could show what you need to accomplish next so you don’t forget

@grazer I think it would be a good idea to make something in the sprite editor where you have an option to click and drag a box over an area then label it for example you highlight the legs then name it “legs” there would then be an option in collision that if it hits what you labeled as “legs” it will activate a whole new set of behaviors

yeah and also have an animation for that part as well saving you a ton of work making a thousand animations that would be so helpful

Just to clarify. So you have a big sprite and you would like to define only a smaller part of it for the collision?
So a custom size collision box?

yes thats what he means

just to clarify I created a website if any one needs help making pixel art there is free sprite packs and tile set downloads there all my creations and if you want to donate I will give you all the credit to your art and thank you in the about page if you need art go there it really cool still in progress though and only one download link so far:

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Grazer has mentioned this before and was wanting to do this for some time, though we didnt find a specific way he would wanting it to be added into the editor.

This would be a really handy tool and I would like to see further detail with y’alls thoughts on something like this and as well as @grazer’s.

I just thought if we treat it the same as the other objects it should be not too much of a hassle, that’s why the mock up. That is if it is suitable to the needs.
I don’t know how @grazer structures his code, but I imagine it is object/module related.

P.S. could you guys please keep this thread clear for comments related to the 'Note Block' subject? Otherwise it just gets confusing, feel free to open other threads. It would also make it easier for Grazer to follow the idea stream.

Naughty thought on the side … what if we could ‘stick’ it to other blocks so they can’t get lost :slight_smile:

Just like the blocks snap to the grid, just snap to an existing block?
Getting ahead of myself, question for now, how suitable is my initial suggestion with the Title Label and the ‘inside’ extended details?

That’s what I meant by more detailed discussion on the Note behavior.

So like post it notes lol, that would be neat.

Considering that the smallest block I have seen so far is about two grid spaces high (referring to the background), I think the Note Block only needs to be one cell high if all it shows by default is the title.

Kinda like this:


For sure, in this case it would be good if it unfolds upwards to show the details :slight_smile:

Hey @TinkerSmith - we really need this, so it’s for sure coming to the editor, and hopefully soon. Here’s the Trello card (it’s been around a while)

and previous discussion:

and (embarrassingly) another one from 2017:

Hi @grazer, thanks for the response.
I’ll read my way through the old suggestions and might list/summarize them up in one place for discussion.

Thanks. I still haven’t found a design that I really like, but at this point anything is better than nothing - even if it’s not ideal. My own mockup is below. The idea is that you click the icons to toggle the notes on and click the note to toggle it back off. They are specific to a block in this design, and not standalone:


My own personal requirements are that:

  1. Notes are unobtrusive since the behavior window can already get nightmarishly cluttered
  2. Obvious at a glance that a note is available to read

Hmmm @grazer , I like that.
My suggestion with the standalone version was just because I thought it would be easier to implement without the need to go through every single behavior block to add the note function.
But if that is no problem :slight_smile:

I like the little speech bubble indicator, but if they are too obtrusive too, maybe integrate it as part of the block? As in, it highlights when it has content?


Then there is the question, is it really required for every block? Definitely for Expressions and Bundles, but others that already have a label field like the Variables seem to be fine with that.

Just throwing it out there :slight_smile:
As it goes: Speak now or forever hold your peace

Hey @TinkerSmith - it would be nice to find a spot inside the block like that, but that example would cover up the label.

I hadn’t considered only adding it to some blocks, but that’s an option I suppose. There are lots of cases where some funky logic is happening, and it would be helpful to add comments though.

@grazer, what about replacing the labels?

If the note uses a title and a description, you could just show the title. Like an add-on to the behavior’s label.

No title could just show the bubble icon, but all labels/icons could be clickable.

Yepeppers, now we are getting somewhere :slight_smile:
So making the label area on the block ‘clickable’ ?
And then maybe just have one really small indicator that shows that additional info exists? Would use the least screen space.


In that case it would help if the Label background color would be slightly different to identify the selectable area.
Once clicked @grazer 's pretty Postit Note could pop up for reading and/or editing.