New character classes needed
More character classes needed, post your ideas in the comments below.

Runner: weak, but makes up with the fact that theyre extremely agile and can dodge projectiles fairly easy.

Ninja: a fairy balanced class, but is invisible when stationary. They throw a projectile that is very fast and hard to dodge, but has relatively low damage.

Builder: balanced as well, but can build traps that are invisible and only trigger when the enemy is close enough. They also have the ability to do contact damage.

@SnakeInMyHoot any of these suggestions taken?

Working on builder


Heres an idea of what hed look like

@CrimsonBlackGames I made the gave the builder a more medieval kind of look, and thus the mason was bornBlue_Mason

I think his special ability animation will look the coolest, I’ve had a few ideas

His special ability should be to build a turret that has a line of site, and when the enemy is caught in the site, they get fired at with a barrage of arrows.