new collab game

me @“The Kodex” and @browngr are going to be working on this game here is the update log

there @“The Kodex” and @browngr we can use this for talking about ideas and updates for the game instead of spamming on viperteck announcements

just in case either of you guys didn’t see here are my ideas
Kill Mark, Silentclaw, Stillblade,Rabidclaw,Phantomstrike,Killstroke, and Darkclaw

this character would not have a moral code like batman. he would kill if it comes to it

Can I re design the character with more detail?

yes of course

@“The Kodex” that was just an example sprite I don’t want it to actually look like that!

I think the character should look similar to this

@seamothmaster45 definetly. Can’t work now but I can later

ok that is fine

@“The Kodex” do you like my name ideas?

@seamothmaster45 some of them seem a bit random and maybeva note specific name would make sence. Originally, I called him the black ranger because he was a loneveolf in avdark city. Some of yours don’t exactly match up to any alternate persona. @browngr do you agree? I’m not being mean - I just want to point that out. I am still open to suggestions.

yeah i guess I see what you mean

you know…I was wrong the character should look like this

That disturbs me


so if we were to make a silent takedown mechanic how do you think that would work?

Yes, we could. I know the code.

I see

we could make it play a random silent takedown animation every time
we should make something like this

download (16)

Yeah, I can do that