new collab game

.anyone there @“The Kodex” @browngr

I can make example sprites, because if we are going to do this I need to start on the coding

Sorry, really busy latly @seamothmaster45 . Maybe go for a style like aragami.

yeah I have been busy lately too @“The Kodex” I just wanted to get this done

what is happening and can I help

yes @meburningslime @“The Kodex” just needs to invite you to crossed sword games! we are making a arkham origins blackgate TYPE game… or so I think it might turn out differently, but we would love some help!

Oh im already in that group. Do you want some help on AI? I do pretty decent enemy and ally NPCs.

I finished my example sprite @“The Kodex” tell me what you think, and change what you need

yeah @meburningslime I would, and I should have known since you are helping @“The Kodex” with the mending


nevermind @“The Kodex” I worked really hard on that sprite and now it is gone

which game?

@meburningslime the game that we are working on Rise of the Black Ranger

You guys need an artist and a logitian. Luckily, I am both LOL

YES @meburningslime YES!!!

I can handle most of the coding, but I NEED SPRITES!!!

Lol, I can do that. Would you like sprites like terraria, galaxy trek, mario or BOTW?


similar to this

sorry this took so long @meburningslime spam block

how do you like the name Nightbolt: defender of Olisvale?

Um sounds like a DnD name, not too shabby art. The problem is not the art, it’s the positioning. For example, an Idle animation should have a side view, not a front. The running should be like a terraria shuffle, and the combat should show movement in all upper body.
Lol, and I can coach you through weapons. I do karate and am a history buff. For example, DONT CALL THE SWORD A LONGSWORD!!!11 Despite what D&D and pathfinders make you believe, a longsword is a TWO HANDED DOUBLE-EDGED SWORD AND CAN GET AS LARGE AS 5’!
Sorry, I’m just ranting because that should be common knowledge lol