new collab game

yeah I know that is why I was asking you for help with the sprites @meburningslime

how do you like the new name? he will have electricity gauntlets that come on when they are needed in combat


would you rather Nightbolt: defender of Ironshade?

@seamothmaster45 dnd is my favorite game…

So, how will the gauntlets work? You have two options: a battery packpack or a smaller charging port. With a port, you could use stronger attacks but it uses energy, and with the portable generator you have near infinite energy and it recharges itself, but has lesser attacks and/or a slower move speed.

I would like it to charge while hitting enemies and you would have an option to turn it on and use more powerful strikes but using it depletes its energy

To do that you would need a kinetic subspace reactor. How advanced do you want this technology.


This is almost omnipotently powerful!


:confused: you could destroy solar systems with mere shuttlecrafts if you have that technology!

well…not that good, but ummmmm dang I have no idea what to say now

Woah, a lot going on here. I scanned through the messages and it should not be very futuristic. It should also be a side scrolling platformer. @seamothmaster45 @browngr when we started was that not our aim? Also D&D is medieval and although I do love medieval games this is not one of them. @meburningslime you may not know but we were basing this game of the batman : Arkhsm knight game series but with only our characters.

Oh, and @meburningslime @seamothmaster45 @browngr he should look like this:

yes @“The Kodex” I agree with EVERYTHING you just said, but do you like the the name? I really do feel like he should have shock gloves

LOVE the name @seamothmaster45 the night shows how dark he is and how he is the defender in the night and of the night. Bolt shiws he is swift, agile and fast on his feet. Thant and its just an epic name.

thank you!

So more like faith or nova empire-level technology? Still, with that a galaxy-class starship would have catastrophic capabilities.

ok @meburningslime but we are not going that far deep into it I just wanted to add shock gloves

Make some reason why, otherwise you will do a star wars flop

My recommendation is a power pack, where energy is limited so you only get so many hits until you need to find a battery or charging station. You could even go further with an inventory list so you have to choose what to charge. For example, maybe to complete the level you need 5 power cell to activate the ship, but you could use one to activate the lateral sensors so it is easier to find them, and you could use another one to turn on your electric gauntlet.

@meburningslime Technology is not a focous point of the game. Its not important

think about like arkham origins I want the shock gloves to work like that! It doesn’t need to be super in depth about why you have shock gloves!