New Feature - Download and play games on your computer

So lots of people have asked about a downloadable desktop version of your games, so I have started on this feature. If you have a pro account, there is a new button labeled “Build for Desktop” next to each in your games list. Clicking this button will build downloadable, installable version of your game.

Now, when someone plays your game there will be an “install” button underneath it. Clicking this button will install a version of your game to play locally.

This feature is not yet complete!

Specifically, you still need an internet connection to play it :frowning:

I will be adding an offline cache next, so that they will no longer need a connection, but I wanted to get it released for feedback ASAP.

What does it download as?

When i click build on desktop it does NOTHING it loads something then nothing

Hey Super Creator, it works fine. When you click it, the progress bar just displays while it builds. If you go to your play game page:

You will see an “install” button underneath it. Click that button and it will install on your computer.

WHYYY?! I waited all this time, JUST TO HAVE TO PAY FOR IT?!

W-man, think of it this way. grazer spent the last few years spending tons of time and money, building Flowlab. I’m sure he was hoping people would donate or get premium since the site itself is free to use.
It could have a 30 day trial.
He is very generous.

Yeah some website builders only give you trials but weebly and webs site builder give you unlimited time

Same thing with wordpress. And, my website ( PREMIUM UNDER CONSTRUCTION. :smiley: anyway, I am glad he didn’t make a 30-day free trial.

i wish you could download it without a Pro account :\

me to. i mean its very hard to make and we have limited wifi


@grazer does it still work and if so I don’t see a install button

Hey @“Johnny boy” - this thread is from 2014, the install link no longer exists.