New FlowJam Contest Ideas

Don’t get me wrong, FlowJam is fun but I think we need more of a variety. I think there should be more contest like and art contest, mechanic contest, and a story contest. For people who are just good at only one thing like art for instance there should be and art contest like create a sprite with some animations and the best rolling the criteria wins. Same with the mechanics but only grading on how well the mechanic is and how well programmed it was for people who are best at programming than anything else. This also goes for the storyline contest on who can create the best story of course.

These contests of course won’t be as big as the original FlowJam, but maybe the winner could just win a simple shirt. The reason for these all being separate is for people who are not great at all three but just best at one for them to show of their skill at it.

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If we had contests for each subject then here’s what I think of the winners, lol.
JR_01 for Mechanics
Baron_Wasteland for art
Browngr or rcreger for story

Anyway this is a pretty neat idea and I think someone even was hosting art contests a while back, but I think it died out after not many people joining it.


Would you like to vote on the pole :slight_smile:

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After Sans Spring Jam, lots of the community were doing community made game jams (I’m currently hosting a monthly twister jam) and it’s died down a little since nobody was participating in any of them since there were so many.


I actually think that the Flowjam evaluating all the fields is a good motivation reason for people to practice the other areas.
Or you could join a team.

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Alternatively I’d like to see some sort of very limited challenge like a logic or mechanical problem where everyone has to make an example (not a game) of a specific type.

The water pour challenge comes to mind. @PixelPizza were you working on that or was it someone else?

Or create a simple self generating maze, or create an escalator. Or create a character that can be hit in three different areas.

Maybe a monthly weekend challenge? All Flowlab (no outside programs or editors?) don’t spend more than 5-10 hrs on it. Everyone presents their working example and we critique and compare solutions. It would be interesting to see how everyone creates and organizes the same programming concept.


I’m doing a monthly challenge right now, but I might change it up a bit since it’s just making a game with a theme, maybe instead make a game that is an example for users?

I even made a post about it, and yeah, they have started to die down.

I think the general idea is alright, but I would say leave that to the unofficial game jams, adding more to the flowjam doesn’t seem like a good idea.

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Yep, same thing here.

The flowjams I think are good for people to start an idea and keep working on it even after the Flowjam, of the goal was to make different fields of work or examples I don’t know if people would still be inspired to carry on with the project.