(NEW) Flowjam Official Post: Submissions Today Extended to Tomorrow!

Welcome back to a new, improved Flowjam!

I wasn’t patient enough and people over on the discord seemed interested so here we go! I have made a new discord (link below) for the new flowjam.

What Is Flowjam
If you don’t know what flowjam is, every month we send out a theme, or genre. You have one week to make a game that goes with it, making your own sprites and animations (Music is optional). However, for those who think once a month is too long, in the discord there is a new “mini-jam” feature. This allows you to host your own smaller jam for yourself, and so you don’t have to wait for the next one. One official mini-jam is announced a week too so look out for that!

Useful Links
Official Website Link: https://crigenceoffical.wixsite.com/flowjam
Official Discord Link: https://discord.gg/AnQGwvV

Am very interested in this, is there a reward to who wins or is it for fun? either way I’ll enter =)

Im in! But the invite expired? Or am I just dumb.

This seems fun, but I don’t think I’d have the time. :dissapointed:

@MagmaDude100 You get a discord rank if you win main jams, I’m hoping that I can get some more interesting prizes up though.

@todorrobot If it still doesn’t work I can send you a new request

@rcreger If you don’t have time we have some mini jams planned that could last over a month!

Hey, btw @grazer could we get this to be an announcement or not this time?



Is there any way i can help with this? I’m pretty good at making websites and images!

Just look at this website and my profile picture for examples: https://crigenceoffical.wixsite.com/crigencecritique

Hey @Crigence sorry I didn’t see this sooner but a website of sorts would be amazing! My discord is Carbot#2669, I would love to talk about that.

Flowjam Announcement

The first flowjam has started! The theme for this week is Platformer

I know it is quite a broad genre of games but I feel like a lot of creativity can go into it as well.

? You cannot use Flowlab’s pre-made sprites.
? No racist, suggestive, or offensive games.
? Do not spam registrations.
? No outside resources (Sprites, textures, music, etc.)
? Flowlab music, and music by Eric Matyas (https://soundimage.org/) are allowed.

I hope to see some good games come out of this. I will be the judge of it and the prize will be a unique rank on the discord server (https://discord.gg/AnQGwvV).

Edit: After speaking with @Crigence we thought up of a prize I think people will like. He is currently working on a website for flowjam, and winners will have their accounts advertized on the website. I will also make a custom desktop bakckground themed to the winner’s game. Hope this will motivate people to make a good game!

Take a look at this, everyone!

I don’t know if people saw because this post has been taken really low but we have prizes worth while. Me and @Crigence both discussed some better prizes, go take a look at the main post!

Im working on mine currently. Is the deadline Sunday or Saturday?

@todorrobot Sunday 7:00 PM Eastern

I’ll try! Do I have to sign in or something though?

If you’re submitting to the website, no.

Would A Boy in Armor be a platformer @Crigence ? (I’m not asking about A Little Evil since it has some pre-made sprites: Spikes and coins)

It is, but the game you submit has to be made SPECIFICALLY for the competition!

So nothing from before?

Darn… I might make another account just for FlowJam so that I have more room. Thanks anyways @Crigence !