New flowlab bug (solved)

when you start the game the camera is offset a little

Can you send in a link to the game, please?

@browngr here you go buster

Everything looks fine to me…? Can you elaborate on what “offset” means for me, please?

nvm fixed it in the most stupidest way possible xD

Do you mind explaining the solution, just in case someone else has a similar problem and could try this to solve it?

so its wierd but basically when changing the game size it can glitch and result in messing with the pixles in one way or another.
to fix this simply change the games size until it seems fixed

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also does this make you feel uncomfortable ?!(Screenshot) 2020-09-03 at 9.36.49 PM|231x235](upload://bITbJ5NNIFaq3LGNMxcr3wqPx8T.png)