New Flowlab Update (Interface Objects)


I just deployed an update to the editor tonight with a few minor changes:

  • Objects in the interface layer can now move (they have a position property). This has been requested lots of times, for animating and repositioning HUD elements
  • Fixed a bug where timers would restart randomly

As always, let me know if you see any problems with the latest release.



I guess it could be like velocity with the +x and +y

Not really an interface problem. But mouse move needs two modes GUI and world mode


I just went to show a few people Diamondsion Assault, and as with every update seems to run into a mass of problems. Currently the update seems to have accelerated the game by 300%. All movement and animations have become sporadic and dysfunctional.

hey your back!

I like to check on the site periodically for updates, but I don’t have enough spare time anymore to actually be active. Besides, every game I make becomes corrupted in some way or another, causing me to take a break due to frustration. I love the site and everything, but I can’t keep trying to figure out why things aren’t working right, and having to start over. Besides, until we have more parallax background layers like in old Sonic games, I could never actually make the games I really want to. Also, there’s no guarantee that the games would run without a lot of lag on my phone. That’s why I just like to make small projects when I have time.

It can be used to, move bars location?
Hp bars moving with the object would be awesome!

Hey Mhx,

It’s good to hear from you :slight_smile:

I took a look at Diamondsion Assault, and saw what you meant about it looking messed up. Here’s the deal: I had changed the animation start trigger to always start when you trigger it, so that animations could be restarted in the middle. Your animations are mostly run using an “always” trigger, though, so they were restarting every frame, and making them look really wonky. I reverted that change for now, so they look correct again.


You can make moving bars now, if you want. It’s a little bit complicated, but I made you an example here:

Basically, you make a “health bar” object with an animation for the health, then just go to the specific animation frame to represent the remaining health.

You also have to move the bar as well :slight_smile:

Look at the example, and let me know if you have any questions.

Ah, I understand. I had to use Always to avoid the base frame from appearing. The problem with having a base frame is that is prevents you from toggling between multiple sets of appearances, in my case transformations and multiple characters. They would all toggle back to the base frame, which looked bad. Also, another problem with a base frame is that the edge detector only detects pixels within the base frame, so during a crouch animation, your hit box doesn’t change and so you can’t sneak under things or dodge bullets.