New Flowlab Update Released Tonight

I just uploaded an update that will hopefully address some animation issues that have been plaguing lots of people. Here are the highlights:

New animation tools:

  • per frame view of animations in editor
  • delete animation frames
  • delete entire animations
  • sprite browser and animation editor no longer interfere with each other
  • faster image & game loading
  • new animation code - known animation bugs fixed

There were a lot of changes under the hood to support all this, so please let me know if you encounter any new issues related to animations.

sweet but i don’t think the games load faster in fact when i tried to play games that had links in the forums they wouldn’t load

Oops, I made a configuration error when I deployed it - should be fixed, thanks for letting me know.

It’s fixed!

Yo @grazer, can you fix a problem with OW mobile, you can download it here(, I made a pad to allow the game to work, but it uses the PC port, also any chance of a full screen behavior?

And can we instead of using sound URLs can we upload it directly through a sound file?

And some times animations stay on the starting frame of an animation


Hi, I’ve recently paid $144 for a teaching account. I’ve spent the past 6 hours trying to prep my animation lesson. I’ve created two animations “Stand” and “Walk” - spent time polishing the pixel art too. The animation worked in-game, tested successfully for the past few hours, despite some glitches and frame-skipping.
…Until I just now re-loaded the game. and BAM. Hours of work gone. The animations are still there, but the frames are all one single flat color. Gone. >_< So frustrating :frowning:
Ultra mega disappointed that I’ve paid money to lose this much work. Not a good teaching tool. Tomorrows lesson is going to suck.

@skilledUp Okay… Flowlab is still in beta, however the old version of flowlab is still available for use, don’t worry, just try to reanimate everything. But here’s the trick… Add ?v=1 to the URL of the page. You shouldn’t have it a second time, also make sure to playtest a game to ensure it saves. Tell your students to make sure to hit the play button to prevent this happening again. Also, it takes a while to save everything, so after a while it may come back…

In the meantime, feel free to use this for your class… It still uses the older flowlab version…

Be warned that you might want to scroll through the type library so you don’t have trouble selecting the char and other things…

V1 isn’t as good as v2, but animations aren’t a problem…

Hey SkilledUp, I attempted to email you at your account’s email address, but it’s not valid. Can you email me to discuss?