New Game 31st March 2020

I need help making a game in flowlab. I need ideas, so we have a long checklist to go

  1. Characters
  2. Background and track
  3. Coding
  4. More levels (Warning I got the free version)
  5. The final release
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i have indie and i could help with characters and pixel art if u want : )

Also, welcome @BubblyHype

thank for the welcoming @beanies_bugs do you have a link, please ?

I get it: We can control two different characters from light and dark side in a platform game

Can I help 2 plz???

your help is welcome

i got another idea: do you know blazing ranger. My game will be called Blaster Trooper and there will be soldiers with machine gun and it’s nes like


thx for the like you’re cool

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here’s a demo, don’t hesitate to feedback!: