New Game Coming Soon! (Infection)

I am currently making a game called: Infection. You(main character) has to try to kill all the Infected before you get infected and become the Infected and die. You only have a laser blaster with limited ammo. Btw, the main character’s name is Callahastro. The arrow keys are to move and the “S” keys is to shoot. It’ll come out on April 27th, 2022. Thx! If you have any questions, just ask.


That’s not really soon (in my opinion even though movies are announced a year before their released) but good for you for setting a deadline I wonder if you’re gonna make it also seems like a cool game

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Very common game idea but is always fun to play, interested in seeing how this is developed.

Also deadlines aren’t great for game dev. (Learned from experience and other’s experiences)


I was gonna make a timelapse of it but I’m too in from developing the game so I’ll make a timelapse sometime later.


If you’re doing deadlines thats not a good idea, as what dino dev said.
(Just see how many times Security Breach has been delayed)


Well, I’m close to halfway and I started 5 days ago so I think I’ll be done before.


well then why is the wait for the release of the game so far away

bc I need enough time just in case I get sick or don’t have time bc of school so I set a time far enough away so that stuff doesn’t get in the way

sure good idea

r u sure or is that sarcasm?

im sure, lately ive had tons of school work that’s why I’m mostly only on the forums at night

I have school, but I have a small cold so I’m not going today, or yesterday

Infection | Halo Alpha | Fandom
reminds me of this gamemode from halo

true, true, true, true, true.

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