New Game Double Feature!

Horizon Z and Team Super blocky Racing will be released at the same time for a double feature, sadly these 2 games will not be arriving soon. But they will NOT be cancelled, don’t worry. I’m want to apologize to my game making teams for my inactivity because of issues at home. Update: Horizon Z has been rebooted and has a new story. Sadly, Stella and the original gang have been scrapped, now, a new fearless crew will be arriving on the scene! So far I would like to give a shoutout to both my teams for their patience and hard work, Horizon z: @MelloJello @Blackhole_but_he_forgot_his_password @edwardi And Team super blocky racing: @Cuts_ups youguys are awesome!


@ShadowGaming Coolio, good to see :upside_down_face:


@ShadowGaming Great to see thanks!

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