New game: Gator Panic

Hello friends. Come play-test my newest game: Gator Panic

This is just the first playable version. Level design isn’t done, but if anyone wants to play through and test the mechanics and playability I’ll be updating more soon! Feel free to review on your own thread if you want, but know that it isn’t finished (I’m hoping to make 5 levels and a boss fight – Giant Gator?!).

Let me now what your think. Let me know what I can improve or what else you would like to see. Thanks for being the first play testers! I appreciate your input.

This is a great game! I have not seen this type of game yet on Flowlab before. But the only problem I have is how slow it takes for your character to shoot after pressing SPACE. I keep dying to the gators because of this. XD

Oh yeah, and you can still kill the birds if you are on a certain layer and they try to fly up.

@Superstargames thanks for playing! Glad you like it. Some of the birds are definitely on the wrong layer. I like the speed of the shot gun, but I can play with it a bit. What Id rather adjust is the collision with the gator after its shot, but I cant get the code to flip the switch fast enough to shave off more than I have already. Id take suggestions on that if anyone wants to look at the collision in Gator to Airboat and Buckshot.