New Game: Kirby in Super Mario Bros

As weird as it sounds I’m making it. It’s the original Super Mario Bros. but you play as Kirby. Expect some new copy abilities!

Good luck with that. I was actually going to make a Kirby style game a while back, and never got around to it. As far as game mechanics go, it’s not super difficult. If you pull it off, and it’s good, I’ll be the first to congratulate you! Nobody has ever put Kirby in a Mario game before, so this would be the first.

Thanks for the support @“Mhx Ar” ! Here’s the game. Not much done yet, but it’s a start.

Can`t wait to die over and over again at the castle level! can you make a update log? that would have been cool! @“Biscuit Butter”

@“Dan studios” I almost quit making the game, but I think I might continue it. Once I start working on it again, I will.

I love kirby, and if there is a kirby game on flowlab, 99.9% of the plays are gonna be me.