New game soon! The Lights Out TLO

SO SO SO SO…When im done making TattleTail Remake im will be making a game called

The Lights out

A kid named Player (Its the player XD) is staying up late on his computer he checks the news on his new TV(television is a dumb name) and it says paranormal things have been going on
but hes like:I don’t care. SO he goes on his computer but then…(You guessed it) THE LIGHTS GO OUT. All eletrical things go out hes like IF I COULD SAY IT…but a noise comes

Genre: Horror, Puzzle solving


First ghost encounter(Purp-Good looks evil owns a shop

You are such mean people (That means SO NO ONE SAW THIS!?!?!)

cool i like this idea!

You only posted this like almost an hour ago, some of us have school so its not like we are on 24/7.

Anyway I do like the idea and I can’t wait to see what you end up doing with this design. I probably won’t be able to offer any help with this project. After we get the tattletail game done I plan on working on some of my games full time.

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Ok nice (2020202020022020202020)

wel someone saw this post…

i think this is gone now


Why only two people saw this???

I’m sure a lot of people have already seen this, but they don’t bother saying much mainly due to the fact that this is just a concept an not an actual game, or at least not yet. Once you start making the game then people will start to recognize it a little more and probably give feedback. When I start up something like this I didn’t get a lot of people who noticed it. When I make games I usually focus on actually making it, instead of advertising. It’s great to announce a new upcoming game, but you shouldn’t make much of a big deal about it since people only see of it as a concept and not an actual project yet.

im on my school lunch break

im editing it right now

uuuuuh (20202200220200202hi


what (20020202020202022020)

i have some music ideas for this game do you want me to make them @8-bit_Studio?

oh sorry the game was deleted it was only a test thanks for the offer though!

oh ok (postmust be atleast 20 characters)