New Game: SSC - Army

Hello everyone. I’m the same guy that released Project Light late last year. (The link to that can be found here: ) Project Light has almost 1,000 plays since it’s release and I’d like to thank you guys for the positive support it got!

I’ve been working on a much smaller game since then. Consider it a puzzle game where you lead an army that moves in unison with how you move! Your troops have different abilities; some keeping you protected from attackers, unlocking doors, or breaking blocks. You can also collect coins either for fun or collect them with the leader to unlock a variety of his special skins!

The goal of the game is to use the leader (dressed in yellow) to destroy enemy outposts and capture the territory. Can you manage to keep your troops alive as you work your way through the large maps?

Special Note: You can type in the codes “Bun” or “Cold” and have something special happen to one of your troops. You can also press 1,2,3,4, or 5 to transport to a different level if you are having trouble with the one you are on

I put a lot of time into this game and I really hope you guys like it.