New Game - Super Mario 2D World!

The sequel to Super Mario 2D Land is here: Super Mario 2D World! (All things listed on this discussion are nothing more than ideas. Nothing has been programmed.)

Items have now made their debut!
Super Mushroom (Will transform you into Super Mario! This means you’ll be able to take a hit once before dying. Exceptions: Lava, Bottomless Pits.)
1-UP Mushroom (Will give you an extra life! This will let you avoid the Game Over screen and continue your adventure!)
Double Cherry (Will create a carbon copy of you! Use this duplicate to stomp enemies and enter special areas!)

Introducing: Yoshi!
Berries are scattered around every level. If Yoshi eats one, you’ll be given 10 more seconds to beat the level!


Bowser has really outdone himself this time…
Goomba (The basic enemy. Will walk towards you, and can be stomped on by any form of Mario.)
Koopa Troopa (Another common enemy. Jumping on them will force them into their shell, allowing you to kick them to knock out enemies in its pathway.)
Buzzy Beetle (These beetle’s shells are hard as a rock. Jumping on them as Mario will do nothing. However, if you grab a Super Mushroom and become Super Mario, it’ll go inside it’s shell, allowing you to kick it, similar to the Koopa Troopa.)
Spiny (These spiky little creatures will poke you if you jump on them, killing you as Mario, or reducing your form as Super Mario. Be sure to avoid them at all costs.)
Boo (These shy ghosts will only appear in Ghost Houses. Looking at them will scare them, and they’ll close their eyes. Looking away however, will have them follow you at a brisk pace. Keep your eyes on these tricky little ghosts.)

The one and only…
Bowser (King Koopa. He’ll stomp you down at any chance he has, spewing fireballs from his mouth, and throwing handfuls of hammers. Quickly run under him while he jumps to grab the axe and chop the bridge.


That’s all of the information for now! Be prepared to scavenge the Mushroom Kingdom and put Bowser’s evil plans to ruins in the new: Super Mario 2D World!

This game is going to take a lot of work… I know, I making a Super Mario Bros game. For my advice, you might want to employ a team, in which I might be interested. I did take a lot at your current sprites for the game. They do look like Super Mario All-Stars sprites, which are higher quality. The ideas for Yoshi might give the game a Super Mario World aspect, also might be some quite fun. I suggest making a fire and invincible Mario to entice the players, as I did for mine. If you do other power-ups later, do those specifically first. I also noticed that your Super Mario Land had the nicest of sprites, oddest of game-plays. I suggest you work on that for this one. Other than that, I encourage you to push hard in this game and get teamwork if you need it. To tell you the truth, the game I did above was done by only myself! Nice introduction, keep up the good work.

Thank you for the encouragement. I was thinking about adding a Fire Flower power-up, but it simply fell from my thoughts. I’ll seek a team if needed. Thank you for all of your support!

Also, I’d like to note that the sprites are ripped from:
Super Mario All-Stars: Super Mario Bros.
Super Mario World
Super Mario Maker: Super Mario World

So, I wanted to differ a little bit from the other games, so I added the Double Cherry! It’s my favorite Mario Power-UP, so I added it!

That’s a easy one, just make the character emit another character.

Good luck with the actual implementation!

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