New Game.

Made my first game. With sounds, score, health. And 2 levels.
Controls are the arrow keys.
Pick up hearts to restore health.

its a great game try making the up and down keys repeat

Hey, thanks. Going to try to fix that

Hey @remkowh - nice work for your first game. I have a suggestion as well: uncheck “is solid” for the coins and hearts, so the bat doesn’t bounce against them

It’s ok for a first game.

Good job.

Added D-Pad control, now it’s way more steady the bat movement.

Thanks btw for your comments

I’ve put it on Google play as well

Nice :slight_smile:

What’s the app store link?

Checked out your game. Good work. Some suggestions: If you establish on level 1 that the player is looking for a key, it should also be there on levels 2-5. As well, you might want to consider increasing the velocity of the player. Maybe have play modes, like easy, medium, and hard, allowing the player to go faster and possibly risk more collisions. Also, when I died on level 2, somehow I ended up on Level 3. Or maybe it restarted the game, but a message saying so would be nice. Lastly, add a score level that shows you your last score, highest score, etc.

Fairly impressive for a first game. I like it! Keep up the good work, okay? :+1: is the link.

Yeah i try to figure out how to keep the score if you go to the next level.

Thanks for all the input. Have a lot of work to do. Haha

Yes it will restart to level 1. Going to try to fix all that.

Make it so that the thing that keeps the score is an interference level object and then you select keep on next level if you dont understand then Im sorry

Tried to do that. Can’t make it work

o wait the number behavior might have a bug in interface layer @grazer

Did you find a bug, @nkbulider ?

kinda the number wont stay the same an interface when changing levels. like if it is a 3 it will reset to 0 evan though i put keep on next level or keep on level restart