New idea: paint wars

Slightly inspired by, I made a game.

You and the rest of your team must fight the opposing team. So far there is no score limit.

Every .7 seconds either an asteroid, red ship (good guys), or blue ships (bad guys) will spawn.

For some reason the red team always rekts the blue team.

@grazer one of my concerns is that when a ship (including you) pass the border of one side of the map, you end up on the other. It seems that any automated ship will not do this unless close enough to the player, resulting in them flying away, never to be seen again.

So far the player is the only one with the ability to upgrade. I haven’t made any behaviors for when a automated ship encounters an asteroid.

Wow no comments yet -_-

@grazer, an asteroid is a child of “target of interest”
the automated ships are set to fire at the “target of interest”
however, because the asteroids that show up are emitted, it does not work

@grazer, so turns out emitted objects can, so the bug is useless