New page: examples

I added a new page to the site that’s just a collection of examples from the forums. Mostly they are mine, but there is one from @Latif3 in there as well. If anyone has examples (small, illustrating a single concept or problem) that they would like to share on that page, post them here :slight_smile:

Colorless- and its rotate world behavior

My dodgebal game was the first game on flowlab to use high scores. It was originally an example game but I never got around to posting it

I also made a color match and water example. They could be added too :slight_smile:

@CrimsonBlackGames Grazer has already made a highscore example, and seriously, I really don’t care your game is the first game with highscores. It’s not even an example game. Please don’t be narcissistic (you even said it yourself). I hate such people.

Also, the rotate world thing looks really weird. I would recommend people to use gravity instead. Though it’s an example, so it could be added.

why are you salty?

Anyway, I didnt see that high score one.

why not

Let’s calm things down guys :slight_smile:
Though I do understand latif… CB accused me a lot for using similar content to his games, though I almost never really do, except the turn based. I mean, how was Earth core awfully similar to his concept… lol

Latif, if CBG was the first one that made the high score, we gotta give him the point… not get mad about it :slight_smile: But CBG, just realize that just because you made it first, it’s not always yours

Well of course. I dont really accuse anyone, but I like to point it out. I like when someone has a similar concept- that means they like the same things

Once is enough



Bro that was spot on

Grazer you are old

Yep @Latif3 - super old. Also, have you guys seen this brand new video?

That video is more than 10 years old

thats_the_joke.jpg :slight_smile:

Ha ha so funny can’t stop laughing :wink:

Wow nice! Love the idea of creating a page of examples… I think that maybe a search bar could be useful or a category… Like movement, Enemies, Plataform, etc.

I’m not sure what I could post here but maybe an example using saves behaviour.

I’m so happy to see flowlab evolving along the years!

Edit: Honestly THIS IS SUCH A GREAT IDEA!!! I just learned new things :smiley: so nice tho

@CrimsonBlackGames Could teach us how to do a mini-map
And @Latif3 could do a permament example shop.

I’m just saying…
I never tried to do those before but you both have those things in your games so…

@PixelPizza I was the first one who made a minimap lol, my game

EDIT: Oh shit I’m becoming a CrimsonBlack!