New profile picture contest: VOTE TODAY!

In an effort to make a whole new profile I will also need a new profile picture. Which is why I must assemble this contest.

Rules: must be pixel art, must be YOUR pixel art, no inappropriate content.

Once the contest is over there will be a vote. Whichever gets the most votes will become my new profile picture

Okay, sounds good. When does this contest end?


@GalaxianGames the contest will end on the 21st

Contest will end in 4 days!

If there is not at least 3 pictures by the 21st this profile picture I have on right now will wil by default

ill make one brb

is this good?Screenshot 2020-08-17 at 7.26.15 PM

Yeah! After the 21st we’ll have a vote and see if you win!


Nice whale looks cool

Ill make one Im good at pixel art just dont know what I should make


here is a character i made for a game that me and lyndon made, his nam is fred scarf, be nice to him or i while beat you brutally on the head and shoulders

Punchs him, dies

2 more days…

Honestly, I like the current profile picture that @“Ramshacklegamestudios” has right now.

Yeah me to maybe instead of a wrench and screw driver maybe a monster and a keyboard its game developing after all.

I’ll include it in the vote @GalaxianGames @GrimProductionZ

Ok sounds good

Contest today!:

vote: 1
by @meburningslime

vote: 2
by @glithctyrus

vote: 3
by @praisetheyuppee

vote: 4
by @Ramshacklegamestudios

I vote for 4. It honestly suits you the most.