NEW PROJECT, come help

I was thinking, we should revive the smash ripoff era and make a high-quality smash bros game of all the devs! I’m still only on Mobile sadly, but I can provide an education account purely for the making of this game if @grazer allows it so all people can edit the game, even free users. I hope we can get as many big devs as possible on here! Thanks.


I like this idea; I’d definitely be on board with storywriting and boss battles if this takes place. However; my schedule might not allow me, so if this project ends up becoming a thing; make sure to get me a backup in case I need to work on other things.


I would be good with it. But how will we communicate?

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Through this forum

Here is an example character I planned on using for the smash bros thing. Sadly I never got it done since I’m terrible at making running and attacking animations, lol. But here’s what I got done so far.
Also for some reason when you die and the level restarts you start sliding around so I have no idea how to fix that.

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So, who’s in?

  • I’m in!
  • Definently NOT!
  • I need more information

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@browngr @ManiacPumpkin @real.Abeeb @Crigence @MetaNinja @AbstractGallery @MrMcMemerMan

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What information do u guys need

Well, I believe you’re going to need a good director and a better means of communication than the forums if you’re going to pull this off.

Any ideas?


I don’t know what you mean by better communication, but the point is that everybody is contributing.
I usually take a leadership/directing role since I lean naturally that way, but as @MrMcMemerMan gracefully put it in Dragon Ball Z terms, we can fuse together to dual lead

Unless, of course you have a better idea


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I knew u were gonna say that…
Many people here don’t use it and I can’t.

@Greggo come take a look too please

This project is interesting at the very least. I’m not sure I want to put time into this though. After making Wilder’s Creation and participating in the Flowjam I just want to take a small break then hop back into my next project.

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Sadness and depression

I’m in, where do we start though?

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We need enough people and @grazer 's OK first

@meburningslime - you can just create a dev team and invite as many people as you like. Student accounts are not requited for that.

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But some people have free accounts and cannot add items to collab games if they are free.