NEW PROJECT, come help

Ok I’ll add u back in, I strongly suspected you were innocent.

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Well everyone I’m heading off but remember all coding for characters go in the character base I made. This way we can clone the code perfectly and use it for all players (with obvious customisations.

For this to happen and me to continue making this the best there is I need all characters to be 2x2, use the hit box so they can adapt to anything and make sure you don’t do individual code for characters as this kinda messes everything up. Once the base player is done we can use that code but for now just do the art / animation side for all the players.

And most importantly when we do something, PLEASE put it here and Ask first. When @meburningslime and I worked in a previous project together communication was a big problem and served as one today. Please communicate and Ask to do big things.


I added a cloud emitter effect…

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Wait, what happened? I went off to go write some reviews

@Crigence A lot of stuff. I almost left because people deleted what I was working on, people were messing up the project and we didn’t know who

I know what it’s like to have your work deleted, so I could never do something like that (rcreger can back me up on this one). Apart from that, I was off doing reviews at the time

Are you sure it isn’t due to multiple people being online at once? That can cause issues with Flowlab repeatedly overwriting other peoples work

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Nope @Crigence people manually deleted and REPLACED some of my stuff…

Well, like I said, iv’e been off doing reviews the entire day so it can’t be me. Are there any other suspects?

I can still read that ya know, and secondly what would I even rant at you about?

I don’t think it was you, it dosnt seem like something you’d do, same with @browngr


Yeah, have to agree.

Brown and Crigence (in which I even worked with Crigence on the current build of Sol - a very valuable project to me) don’t seem to have the sort of “screw up other people’s work for the heck of it” kind of mindset. They both have displayed that they value other people’s work, and I think they’re mature and aware in their work to understand how much effort is put into these things.

Just defending the two here, can definitely back them up. Very respectable devs.


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@The_Kodex oops…

So it was either @Cuts_ups or @ScrapStudios?


Or I misjudged someone

But the oops is the character coding in my character…

Both of those 2 people helped a ton though

In that case, I’m going back to my original theory of Flowlab bugginess

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Maybe edwardi…? The problem is all of these people are really trustworthy! @grazer maybe a hacker???

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