New Release: Message updates (mostly)

I just deployed a new release containing the following changes.


  • Messages no longer have a sending delay. They used to send & receive in a two-step process, but they are now delivered immediately. This makes messages faster and hopefully more practical to use
  • Objects can now have multiple Mailbox blocks for the same message. Previously only one mailbox would trigger per incoming message, but this restriction has been lifted.
  • Level sorting updates are less error-prone, with more validation
  • Crash fixed when using a capsule collider on very small sprites
  • Better cache expiration to prevent aggressive caching in chrome

New Feature:

  • Reply to sender option in Message settings. This will respond to the last message received, allowing for simpler two-way communication between objects.

Site Update:

  • There is a release notes page, linked in the website footer: - I’ll be putting release notes there as well as here on the forums, for easier referencing.


Attachments doesn’t follow the object, the attached object still works but isn’t visually there.

  • The attached object visually stays where the attach behavior was first turned on.
  • The attached object behaviors still works on the moving object.


This is great, thank you! :slight_smile:

Perfect! Also, love the Release notes page :smiley:

Oooh! Looking forward to working with return to sender and immediate send. Ive been relying on messages a lot recently so this should help. Return to sender will also hopefully help me remember where the message is coming from since sometimes I lose track, especially when revisiting old code.

The attachment issues should be fixed, thanks for reporting that @“JR 01”

Hey @grazer - I’m still not completely sure how to solve the delay with the platforms. If anyone knows how to do it, please help, since it’s cause from the message update.


@rcreger, why not just use 1 block for the platforms instead of having to spawn 2 different blocks?

Also this is what your prrobably looking for:

You can actually set the timers to 0, just needed a frame delay because messages are instant now.


Thanks @“JR 01” , I’ll try this one next. Thanks!

A-Box was a great game! I loved playing it!

It works @“JR 01” ! Thank you! Also, thank you @grazer for the help! I know you’re very busy!

Thanks @“The Kodex” ! Took me a while to finalize - still technically finalizing and polishing! Thank you!

Your welcome @rcreger !