New Release: Multitouch 📱

How do you test the gestures on PC?

that’s the neat part, you can’t

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not really neat tho since I can’t use my phone (it’s an iphone)

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it was a joke, it’s definitely not neat

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Why can’t you test with your phone?

  1. Open game on your computer
  2. Click QR code icon under game
  3. Point iPhone camera at QR code and click link
  4. ?
  5. Profit

Here’s a test game to try, I just tested it on my iPhone & iPad both:


My phone is broken too so I just can’t play my game anymore…

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NICE UPDATE! :smile: :smiley:

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You can test it on pc if you reload the page with handheld mode turned on in the console.
(The blue icon next to element)



Heh, I think it might work because my PC is touchscreen.
(Would it work?)

Not atm, it only detects touch sensors on mobile browsers.


Darn. That’s a bummer. I’m terrible with mobile stuff, lol.

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What’s the point of having the gesture block be free when the device check block (it’s required to check for touchscreen to make it work) is stuck past a paywall?

Does it? I haven’t played around with them yet lol.

Yes it is :rage::rage::rage::rage: and it’s stupid

Either make them both free or both payed

Is the touch check behavior premium only too? It doesn’t say on the help screen.

Yes both of em are indie, except gestures

Sadly yes, they are all grey.

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Hey @Vaprzz -

  1. You don’t have to have a check in order to use swipe controls - swipes will only activate on touch screen devices, and they do nothing otherwise.

  2. I didn’t really intentionally make the check block an Indie-only block, it just ended up that way because I put it in the mobile section, which are blocks specifically for mobile apps (and therefor only make sense if you have indie). I can see about making a special case for the check, since it can be used on mobile browsers unlike the other mobile-specific blocks.

  3. Your aggressive tone is pretty off-putting, please relax a little bit and reflect on your approach here


Its just because my laptop is touchscreen as well and it didn’t work so I assumed I needed :sweat_smile: