New Release (Stability)

I just deployed a new release that is focused on bugfixes and stability improvements.

One improvement is that the “capsule” collision shape has been changed (again). It is now a single polygon with clipped corners so that it slides along other blocks without snagging. Also, it has no friction on the top or sides, and can be scaled on the x & y axis separately. I think design works much better than the previous one for platformer characters. Existing objects are not changed, so to get the new collision shape you must create a new object or edit its collision shape.

In addition, this release has the following bug fixes:

Extra thanks to @“Mhx Ar” for a lot of detailed bug reports leading to many of these getting tracked down fixed.

wow thanks @grazer!


hey @grazer I think the new update might have messed up the graphics

on my game and other peoples games the screen is fixed but the graphics are bugging out, and this is the only thing I can think of since It has never happened until now


@seamothmaster45 - which game, and which sprites look incorrect?

like I said it is not just my game! it is every other game too the sprites seem too be twitching and really fuzzy all of the sudden

it is not just my chromebook my friend told me it is happening to him too!



Thanks a lot for those updates, but the Sprite Editor and the Multiplayer Games are still messed up.
Ty for this new stuff tho!

@seamothmaster45 , yeah, it happens to me too. I’m pretty sure you need to have a pretty decent computer or laptop run games well with HTML5 now, which isn’t a problem to me as I’m not really working on games anymore.
But I did notice for my game that the sprites did go fuzzy and jittery, pieces of it flashing in and out, and for me, the animations were slow (in fact, everything was), so I did assume it was my computer. If @grazer can fix these, I will continue to add to some of my games and update them, and add in some things that I wasn’t able to since I was away.

yeah I am okay with it but it gets really annoying

Cool update! Keep 'em comin @grazer !

I love how Grazer is always updating Flowlab because they know how much it means to us. Thanks @Grazer