New Scared Game:Mysteries Evolve (2024)

The year is 2024.
Label(the character) is walking.
He notices an alleyway.
Stupidly,he decides to go in.
He seen a bunch of dead bodies.Waitguy was standing there with a chainsaw.
Label almost dies.The left half of his head was chopped off.
He reports what happened to the police.
“Ah,Label.” Said the officer.“I’ve seen tons of similar reports.However,that chop making your brain stick out…makes it look true.Let’s get you to hospital.”
So Label went to hospital.He got a robotic piece of his head.
Once his left half of his head and himself recovered,he’d be able to be normal again.
Label went into a room in his house.He heard a voice.
“You can’t stop me.The mysteries will evolve.I will become more mysterious.No one will know about me and I’ll be able to STRIKE…”

New Scared Game:Mysteries Evolve
Coming to Flowlab in 4 years

hed be dead already from either blood loss and would suffer brain damage if he did survive he have to be hospitolized for life


I Kinda have to agree with @glithctyrus, just saying that Half of his head was cut off seems a bit exaggerated. Like what he said, if half of his head was cut off, he would have died almost instantly. Although, you could put it more like his skull was removed, cause that is survivable, but not entirely sure how he would still be walking. I’m guessing that you mainly meant just his skull to be removed cause it said that his brain was hanging out, which tells me that his brain was unharmed or still intact. It’s not a very bad story, but you might want to include a little bit more detail instead of just half a head.

Either this guy is just exaggerating the attack, or he’s one tough dude, lol.

so hes a clout chaser?

…what lol…