New Scared Game Trusted

The celebration for this new account getting promoted to Trust Level One.


Nice, but can you stop making a 100 topics for this one topic?

No,because it is not one topic.

Yeah- all 3 are about you returning to flowlab…

True but they are about the games

Yep, just saying you could say:

“Hey! I am back on flowlab and got trust level, here are some games celebrating my re-arrival!”

[post games here]

see what I mean? Just clogs the forums when there’s so many topics that could fit in one topic.
and if it’s off topic we have some off topic channels too.

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yeah plz no more off topic channels of stuff :smirk:

Not what I said, I told them we HAVE an off topic channels, ofc we don’t need more, there’s already like 20 of them which aren’t needed.

(small exaggeration)

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Oh you’re back I thought this was just someone who liked you! Harmless account owned by @Gamer20, ok…