New (small) update

I have deployed a new update tonight with a small feature that has been requested a bunch of times: URL links.

This new behavior is found in the “Game Flow” section, and does exactly what it claims to: opens a new web page :slight_smile:

Let me know in the comments if you have any problems.

I was in the middle of editing before and after that release- lets just say I spent five minutes wondering how long it’s been there before I’ve noticed.

And I think the GUI layer stopped working. Maybe just because you were editing at the time. That may explain the problem I’ve been having with my health bar.

Cool I Can’t Wait For This Update!!!

I Just Got A New Update It Had Url Link
I Working On A Website For All Of My Flowlab Games!!!
That Good You Had Url Link For This Update!!! Now We Can Put
Website In Everywhere!!!

Hello Grazer, I had already finished a game called “The Rescue” and it’s been complete ever since last year. I just wanted to show you what I’ve been working on with the power of Flowlab and wanted to see if you had any thoughts of it. If you will, would you mind spread the word about this game. Thank you Grazer.

  • Miguel Urtiz

The Game:

Hi Miguel,

Thanks for posting. You’ve created an awesome game, definitely one of the best I’ve played on flowlab.

Graphics, music and gameplay rock.

How long were you working on the game?

Hats off.


I Just A Game Called Factory Crew It Had A New Flowlab
Update!! I Still Working On My Website And Go Play Factory Crew!!!

Thanks dude, I appreciate the complements!!!
This game took around 7 weeks to create and it was completed on the 19th of December, 2015.

@grazer Hell yeah!Thanks for making that!

Not working for my game.

@“Miguel Urtiz” That is an awesome game!

What’s not working, Sorenof? I see you have a URL Link attached to a collision trigger in the credits, but you don’t have anything moving to collide with. Try changing the trigger to a mouse click, and you can click to trigger it instead.

@grazer Thanks!But it’s still not working:(

Sorenof, when I click the button in the credits, I go to a website. It seems to be working ok?

Miguel Urtiz - I agree with muddyapples, your game is fantastic. It is super hard though! I had to cheat to win.

@grazer I opened the game in Safari and the website didn’t open,but when I tried opening the game in Firefox,it worked.So I guess it only works with certain browsers.

Nope, it works in any browser. If you’re using Safari you need to click “Safari”->“Preferences”->“Security” and uncheck “block popups” to allow new windows to open. In Firefox, Chrome, or IE it should work fine by default.

@grazer It works!Thanks,this is awesome!

this might be good but it might make alot of trolls happy because more viruses!