NEW! THRALL - an action adventure game

i have just added new UI features and updated alot of the artwork and cut scenes , new lvls and fetures coming soon AND new bosses.


feel free to provide any reviews or feedback thank you and enjoy

Nice!! :smiley: It’s great seeing this game coming together!

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@probablydon the game kind of broke…
It was super neat until the website crashed lol
BTW love the game, but there is one problem. Your combat is nowhere near realistic lol. I am a medieval connesieur, so I know. Here are some videos to help you. I would recommend watching at least 10 minutes of each to get the idea. here’s and example of how NOT to do it. Here is an example of HOW TO do it. If you need help with specific guard positions or attacks, just ask me! I will be happy to help.

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@PixelPizza thank you i appreciate

@meburningslime i really appreciate the feedback and advice , i will get around to working on animations , the problem i have is i want the swords to connect with the enemys body but i dont know how to cause damage that close because the emitter shoots a block ahead not even letting the sword touch if that makes sense , if there is a way to make it more realistic then please show me with a screenshot or something , and also the blocking was hard to make cause ive never drawn or made a block animation before haha

@probablydon the easiest way to do this is to use spawn blocks. Have block spawn just a few pixels ahead so as to make the illusion of connection.

genius , do you know the correct placement ? and how to flip the spawn when turning ? @meburningslime screenshot please and ill get to it in a few thanks

@probablydon have it to where if you press the left move button, it sets the position to x-5 or whatever your using, then the right arrow sets it to x+5. PS dont use 5 use whatever number worl best lol

@meburningslime took you advice i think its alot better now

No problem @probablydon !