New to this, please help.

Hello everyone. I’m having an issue with my scorekeeper. I was hoping someone could help me debug it and figure out what the heck I’m doing wrong. I have a Time Elapsed ‘save’, a Coin Score ‘save’, and lastly a game score ‘save’. The part where it checks it against the high score is working just fine, but before I can get there, I am asking it to add coin score to the time elapsed score.
Unfortunately, the coin score never seems to get added, and the Time Elapsed score makes no sense. In the example below, the coin score of 50 is correct, but when it reaches the expression to be added to the time elapse score, somehow it becomes 6800?!


The second picture is of the inside of the custom bundle that generates the time elapse score.

time elapse

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Hey, what game is that - and which object is it we’re looking at?

Game is called Dungeon Quest

The object is in the game world library. Its called Score Block. The game end message comes from the Game World object Dungeon Boss Final.

also, I took a screenshot of the bundle code, but it looks super blurry when I click on it.

Ok, I have the Score Block behaviors open - how do I trigger the wonky behavior you’re describing?

You’d have to kill the dungeon boss, which unfortunately right now is only possible by pressing spacebar, which will fire a projectile at it, killing it. The collisions with my melee weapons aren’t working for some reason. I don’t know why. Should I move the dragon into the first room? That’s what I do to test it so I don’t have to go all the way through the dungeon. I’m not sure if you can move stuff or not.

Okay, I placed all of the necessary items in the first room, and the dragon is in the second. So all that you need to do is collect the items, and then enter the room and press spacebar to kill the dragon which will trigger the end of game scoring action.

I actually managed to solve the scoring adding issue. In case anyone reads this, the problem was that the expression was triggering to evaluate after A completed, which would mean that B would potentially be zero. Instead, I moved it to evaluate when B completed, and then it added the two values correctly. Because there were more steps in the A chain, I thought, (incorrectly) that A should trigger the evaluate input, but this resulted in only As value being pushed through. As far as the score becoming insanely high, I think it might have been because I had the output connected to the plus of the number. Not sure why, but that seemed to make the number 3 or 4 times more than it should be. :confused:

I am still having the collision issue with the melee weapon if anyone wants to try to figure that out for me. The dragon doesn’t take any damage if hit by the player’s emitted melee weapon. Only the emitted magical projectile can harm it.

Hey, I tried this out and you’re right that the collisions don’t seem to be firing against the dragon for some reason. I’ll check it out and see if I can figure out the problem.