New Update 10/12: Labelmania!

When I went to fix some label glitches last week I was reminded how out of whack the Label behaviors have been, so I spent some time fixing them up in the latest version: v1.0.967

The only updates were to the Label hud behavior objects, but here are the changes:

  • Various bugs with state/resetting text fixed
  • New sharp, HIGH RESOLUTION fonts! No more fuzzy, blurry text!
  • I replaced the 9 old fonts with 28 new ones - way more options :slight_smile:
  • Labels now have a smoother scaling with a much wider range
  • New options: border and shadow
  • New input option: alpha - so Labels can be made visible/invisible when needed

How it works: Existing games are not changed automatically - in order to use a new font, open up the label options and select one of the new fonts. The old font options will no longer be there, so any new font you select will be high-resolution. Most of the old fonts are still there (with new names), or have very similar replacements.

Leave feedback in the thread - If you have a favorite font you want me to add for your game let me know! If it has a reasonable license I may be able to include it in the list.


Okay! Sweet!
Maybe we could have some sort of color changer variable too… idk but still awesome!
I was thinking having 3 different inputs with RGB, that way there could be more rainbows in starblast

Id like a font request: the digital clock looking one.

I tried the new fonts. They look great!

Is there any way you could make a text box update? I’d love to be able to make text boxes for story mode, with word wrapping. The text would type itself out, and at the end of the box, you have to press a button to continue the text. This is essential to any RPG or story game in general, and making letter by letter animations is a major waste of time and objects.

A numericupdown would be also useful I guess.

EDIT: A numericupdown is a textbox but you can only type numbers in it. And there are two arrows on the right side of the box. One arrow to increase the number (up arrow) and one arrow to decrease the number (down arrow).

We should add these fonts to the alerts section, love the fonts though! (I miss cracked :frowning: )

Myw, if you like “cracked” then try “bison”. I’m glad you guys like the update :slight_smile:

Wow, these new fonts are amazing! :smiley:

Oh yeah, thanks! I cant believe I missed bison

@jngthree - I added a digital clock (7-segment/lcd) style font. It’s called “digital7”.

Sweet! Thanks


can we get the option to not allow people to open the editor?
The reason is the fact that people can cheat on the site if they know how. I really need this

until then starblast is shut down, and only people with the sequence can play

EDIT: the reason was i watched somebody destroy my game and cheat. After all the work I put in

Anyways i removed the auth code. But still i really want that

Could you add online multiplayer

@timothy06 that would mean for every game with online multiplayer created, grazer would have to buy a server, which is very costly. Especially if the developer gives up on the game

And if it exists it will only be in premium accounts. So don’t hope for it free users.

When I change a level all the label disappear and never show up again. Anyone ever had this?

Did you change back to the level with the object that had the labels?