(New Update - 3/30/22) Project Squire - Updates / Patch Notes

If you haven’t seen the official announcement page check out this thread: Project Squire - Announcement

Here I will announce updates and show patch notes for the project, usually I will keep it to larger progress but any minor changes or builds will also be added.

Development may slow down for a little bit, I am currently going through some medical issues and so gotta figure that out before I can keep working on anything. Development will continue but just a lot less frequently, thanks for understanding.

Pre-Alpha Builds:

Ver. PRE_0.0.3 Archer AI & I-Frame Indicator Changes. (3/30/22) !-Most Recent-!

Archer AI
Archer’s use a modified version of the default melee AI, however they have a further distance which they can detect the player, and attack you from a distance.

I-Frame Indicator Changes
As suggested by @Samuel_PixelPizza I made the animation or indicator for when you or an enemy is invincible a lot more visible.

Ver. PRE_0.0.2 Basic enemy AI. (3/28/22)

"Aggro" System
Enemies will lock onto you if you enter their line of sight, and approach you to get into attacking distance.

NPC Losing "Aggro"
If you stay out of the enemy’s line of sight for long enough it will lose “aggro” and return to its “Idle” state.

NPC Attack AI
Once the enemy has gotten within attacking distance of you it will release a flurry of attacks. Being hit will push you away from the attacks to a safe distance, as well as giving a small invincibility period. Hitting enemies will do the same for them.


Nice! Pretty good progress so far. I’m looking forward to your progress :slight_smile:
My feedback: Make the player/enemies flash white for a few frames after hitting (using timers and the color behavior) - To make it more obvious.


It doesn’t show too well on the gif but I have something kind of like that for the player, instead of a color change it’s an opacity change. I’ll see to making it more noticeable though.

Thanks for the feedback as well it’s much appreciated!

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This project is looking so good

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  • Added patch notes for version PRE_0.0.3
  • Also added a notice about slowed down development due to medical troubles, look at original post for more info.