NEW UPDATE 9/18 - [reverted temporarily]

I just released a new version (v1.927):

Various performance improvements

  • faster renderer
  • reduced garbage collection lag
  • faster alpha channel animation

Animation fixes

  • fixed frame playback order issues
  • fixed problems with initial animation creation
  • fixed issues with update propagation

New color picker

  • improved selection area
  • display previous selections in picker window


Can there be an alpha for pixels too?

Nope… glitches everywhere.

Despite “title 2” being on display 2 it cant seem to decide which one goes on top.
The lives counter is now a game world object AND a gui object.
And thats all i found

gah, ok :frowning:

I didn’t catch either of those in testing. I just reverted back to the previous version for the moment, pending fixes for those two issues.

If anyone would like to use or test the new version in the meantime, add “?debug=true” to the game url to get the latest version, for example:

uhh… there are white boxes around my behaviors when I create them. and that is getting kinda weird.

Did you fix the bug where hitting the red x on a big image, doesn’t clear the whole frame?


Ok, when looking for additional bugs, I noticed when swapping between debug and normal-

On normal= the labels on my select mode screen go to random default colors, then when going to debug they become solid black until you change the color and reload the page.

Actually it seems you have to reload the page to change colors in general…
However all the other labels remain unaffected.

Other than that I didn’t find anything else.

@grazer I hope there will be a small circle in the color picker that we can drag. So choosing colors will be easier :smile:

When I drag the screen in the behaviors of an object. White squares will appear.


EDIT: I think this is the same thing what @Luminous700 said.

The alpha behavior works like a size behavior O_o

This doesn’t look right…


the white box kinda works like a bundle, letting you move around a lot of behaviors at once. but maybe that should be custom, not automatic.

Latif & Luminous700 - it’s really odd that you guys are seeing the white boxes in the behavior editor. That’s part of a new feature that I’m working on that should be turned off in this version. If you look at the version number on the toolbar (tiny text in bottom left of screen), does it say “v0.1.927” ?

No, it says: v.0.1.867

We should be able to drag behaviors into bundles again

And drag behaviors out of the bundle!