New Update 9/20 - the sequel :)

This update (v0.1.937) has all the stuff from the previous one:

Various performance improvements

  • faster renderer
  • reduced garbage collection lag
  • faster alpha channel animation

Animation fixes

  • fixed frame playback order issues
  • fixed problems with initial animation creation
  • fixed issues with update propagation

New color picker

  • improved selection area
  • display previous selections in picker window

plus these fixes

  • UI objects were getting added to the scene (fixed)
  • Layer ordering was not working correctly (fixed)
  • The clear/erase button did not work properly for large sprites (fixed)

Let me know if you have questions, or find any other issues, thanks!

The background behind it, not the spinning galaxy, the purple galaxy universe layer that fades.

Mhx, I took at look at the Shifter (v2) title screen and I’m not sure what you mean. The galaxy on the main menu is an animation and I didn’t see any alpha fade or ease behavior on it.

Is this an automatic update, or a manual ?v=3 update?

Yay :smiley: the white boxes are no more.
But when I try to send a message to a type, then a specific object, it doesn’t let me.

Okay, ill take a look.

I like how grazer made it sound like a movie more than a update

Mhx: this is automatic, you should be able to see the version number at the bottom left of the toolbar.

Luminous700: Nothing much changed with messages, can you give me an example of what you mean, or some more details?

@grazer The alpha behavior changes the size of the object too! Please fix this ASAP!

@Latif3 we’re on the same page… ALPHA DOESN’T WORK PROPERLY! Pls fix this @grazer

Yeah, if this isn’t an optional update, I’m not doing anything with my main games, until these bugs are fixed. I’m not about to mess up anything.

Same (only my ssb game)

Exporting has the gui on the game layer still

Objects in the user interface does weird things with scroll view…

New update deployed (v0.1.938)

Latif3 & Luminous700: The alpha size issue should be sorted out now.

Latif3: what do you mean "Objects in the user interface does weird things with scroll view… "?

jngthree: The windows build was not yet updated with the latest version, but it is deployed now, so the gui layer issue should be fixed there as well. I assume you mean desktop and not mobile exports?

Yeah. I haven’t tried to make a mobile version… yet

@grazer In my game I have a player. And there’s a scroll view behavior in the behaviors of the player. When the player walks. The screen scrolls. But objects in the User Interface will make a copy of theirselves (so there are 2 of every objects in the user interface). One will move with the screen. But the other one doesn’t move.

I can make a video or something else if you still don’t understand it

Oh thats because of the whole gui on the gameworld. Should be fixed

Yea that’s what I mean. I really can’t explain things

Alpha is fixed… THANKS SO MUCH @GRAZER