New update - added more render order layers

@Latif3 the interesting thing is that when you click the behavior with the music in it, it plays the music immediately

@grazer did you ever see the -500,500 suggestion I made earlier?

Hey @CrimsonBlackGames - I did see that suggestion, but if I make that change it’s going to have to wait until I make the next major renderer update. Your suggestion is a bit more complicated than it sounds because of the way things are organized right now.

i don’t use flowlab that much but its an okay website :+1:

i am planing to use flowlab sometime when i can

i can’t wait!!

Youll like it.

Checking in, sorry I’m late, all 3 managers at my job quit, and several other employees as well, the store got sold to a new owner with a new manager, so I’ve been working 10+ hour closing shifts 6 days a week all month. That out of the way, this is extremely big news. I was just playing Super Metroid and thinking how badly I wanted more stuff scrolling in the background. Is this background? Game? GUI? I did need a way to make a minimap. I have some looking into to do this weekend. I requested it off for my birthday. I deserve it for all this overtime…

Amazing news seeing all these updates while I was gone, and new members too.

(Do these layers have animations yet? I can’t check til Saturday, because I open today at 10, so I need to sleep asap… Very excited about the priority update as well.)

@“Mhx Ar” those layers are “Game world” Layers

Before there were 3… now there are a lot.
So you can animate and everything else. ALL BEHAVIOURS IN

Ah, well then that still doesn’t do anything for me. I need wind blowing trees going past water flowing past hills going past mountains going past clouds in the background, one foreground layer for various terrain, and I need more GUI layers for textbox effects and menu stacking.

Still a good update, I’m sure I can use a couple more game layers for something. Maybe I can use plants on layer 1, 3 and 5, characters on 2, and ground on 4, so I can place plants in front or behind. I’m not sure, never considered extra game layers.

Ive sorta made multi-parallax layers a couple of times, you have a bunch of objects that take the scroll position, divide it by whatever, and using the new position. It works ok

Everything else has to have a higher # on the layers.

Doesn’t it all cluster or something off screen? If not, I’ll definitely try that out, because I know exactly what you’re saying.

@grazer So out of curiosity, why does the new layer system use succeeding order instead of the original receding order? 1 is the furthest back layer now, and each new layer is on top. Was that the intention?

It was that way to begin with

Was is really? I guess my brain logically believes layer 1 should be on top, so you don’t have to adjust the numbers of every single object when you want another layer in the back.