New Update (Again) - New Material behavior block, some bug fixes

I just deployed a new update to fix a couple of small bugs:

  • Fix issues with multiple parallax background layers on level reload
  • Set full alpha when typing a hex color into sprite editor
  • Better Object Type name de-duplication checking

And one new behavior:
This property block allows you to update the physics material properties of an object while the game is running:

  • Bounce
  • Friction
  • Density

This block has not (yet) been added to the Behavior Handbook, but all inputs are in percent (0 - 100).

Check it out, and let me know if you find any issues with this release.



Awesome! quick question… is their a reason why we can’t use decimals in numbers?

Cause decimals can give wrong calculations if its too large. (Probably not the exact reason)
Example: 1/3

If you really need decimals, You can use them in 1 big calculation in the expression then it outputs into a whole number. Whole numbers makes it really easy since everything runs with it in Flowlab.

So Flowlab currently uses a single datatype for consistency and simplicity, so that there is no need to worry about which outputs and inputs can connect together. Integers made the most sense here for a few different reasons:

  • @“JR 01” is correct that one reason is because floating point values are stored as estimates, and can be tricky and confusing to manipulate even for experienced developers
  • Aligning objects on non-pixel coordinates can make the rendering blurry in some cases
  • Pretty much whatever you want to do with floating point values in Flowlab, you can used scaled integers for instead, e.g. instead of using “0.5” to represent half, use “50”. (This actually doesn’t work too well in some cases, though - it would be nice to use 0 to 1 values for sin/cosine calculations for example)

I do expect to have a second datatype though, which will be strings. This will bring all sorts of new concerns about connecting blocks together, so we’ll see…

I’ve been waiting for the physics behavior block, but the only thing I really wanted was changing the drag of objects.

The setting to change it for the entire game is useless.


I don’t think I’ll really use this stuff for a while–I’m not there yet.

Hi pleaseeeeeee make it to where I can change sideways velocity? For example for the flowjam I am making a spaceship A.I. but the motor keeps on making it fly away if it tries to turn, could I stop sideways velocity?

Also love the update :slight_smile:

Hey @meburningslime - glad you like the update :slight_smile:

Make a new thread for your velocity problem, and post a link to the game there - I think we can probably help you come up with a solution

@grazer thanks!

@grazer I just played around with the blend block in my Flowjam game. Definitely helped my lighting effects! Might have a use for the materials block as well. Nice adds! Thanks!

Hey @todorrobot - glad you’re finding it useful ! :slight_smile:

Hey, @grazer! This is absolutely amazing! I’m loving it so far! BUT, something big happened, and before it happens to anyone else, (supposing it even does) Fallout Anarchy just lost a huge amount of objects, along with their corresponding behaviors. Their sprites were replaced with red boxes, but the size of the actual object wasn’t changed. I’d love it if you could look into this, if possible. I really don’t want this to happen to any other users, because it really popped my bubble.

Hey @browngr - there were some server hiccups last night, I think that may have been causing your red (not loading) sprite issues. It seems Ok to me now though - let me know if you still see this issue.

Could we be able to set the gravity for individual levels at some point? I accidentally ruined the physics in one of the levels in my game and decreasing the players density didnt help… lol

Thanks, @grazer! (=

Hey @grazer the logic gates are broken. When I use a NOR gate, if it gets activated at all, it will not turn off, regardless of the input.

@meburningslime, the NOR gate outputs only when it has no input.
The only way to turn it off is by using an always, proximity set to 0, a timer set to 0 or another NOR gate.

I know i made it to where an input goes into the NOR after its been activated but it wont turn off.