New Update: Better Rotations!

I just deployed a new editor with a few new features and bug fixes:

New Features:

  • Physics rotations: There is a new checkbox in the physics property panel called “enable rotations”. When this box is checked, objects can rotate, roll, and fall over from physical force, instead of always being locked to the x/y axis. Here’s an example:
  • Rotations enabled for UI objects. This enables spinning objects, for example joystick like elements:


  • Fix issue where move tool in sprite editor would sometimes mess up scaling tool
  • Fixed issue where rotating sprites would become misaligned with their collision shape
  • A few minor UI fixes
  • Fixed wonky rotation behavior for objects that are not centered in the sprite

This is a brand new feature, so please let me know if you encounter any issues with the update and I’ll try to address them ASAP.


Cool… but now “enable collision” and “affected by gravity” are gone?
Oh gravity’s back

I changed the physics selections to try and simplify them a bit. Now each option is only visible when it is available, for example “enable gravity” is hidden when “movable” is false, since immovable objects don;t need a gravity setting :slight_smile:

In the same way, “enable collisions” is only optional if the object is not solid, since all solid objects have collisions.

we need forwards in the GUI

What do you mean, @jngthree ?

@grazer objects have forwards. like “left,Right,up, or down”

right now its stuck at “right”

also, I cant export Sb2 mobile edition?
i added the joysticks (i came up with the idea… JK i semi-did)
and i want to test it for mobile

@grazer i accedentally deleted honeybee frenzy. can you bring it back?

@jngthree - game is undeleted

oh thank god…
that really worried me… (although i think if you delete it on accident you can clone it if you have the address…


This update rocks! Nice one!

Going to make a demo using new feature for sure.


Just out of curiosity, what game has the most levels? I’m trying to set a minimum for my game size, and that is where it will most likely be.

@grazer a bug: let’s say you have a 32x32 block. If you rotated it ~45 degrees, the corners would be cut of the sides, resulting in an octogon shape. Fix plz

Wow that’s a cool bug. Don’t fix it!

Yes, Fix it!

Either that or make a setting

@jngthree - I just created a new game, made a new 32x32 object, and added behaviors like this:

[Once] -> [Number(45)] -> [Rotation]

It rotated ok, and nothing got cut off - how can I trigger this bug?

I don’t think it happens all the time. Try enabling rotations or making objects not solid

Make Triggers have inputs

Timers have inputs, and I don’t think there’s a use for that

Triggers with inputs?? Heh?