New Update - Dev Teams / Game Collaboration

I just deployed a new update to enable dev teams, fix a few minor bugs, and fix up some pages on the site.

Dev Teams:

  • Profile page has been updated to new look and feel to match the rest of the site
  • If you have a non-free account, you can now create dev teams from your profile page here: (or click on your username in the top navigation bar and select profile)
  • To rename the team, click on the team name
  • You can invite anyone with a Flowlab account to collaborate on your game:
    • Invitations will show up on the user’s profile and “My Games” page
    • Once invited, you can un-invite them, or kick them from the team
  • To enable your team to edit your game, edit your game and select that team in the Settings panel
  • Be Careful! anyone on the team change or delete anything in the game

Team editing is not perfect, but I’ve tried to minimize potential conflicts. If two people edit the same sprite or behavior at the same time, the last person to save will get a pop-up informing them of the conflict. You will have the option to either discard your changes or save anyway, overwriting the initial person’s work. Changes are not automatically updated in real-time - so for example, if person A moves an object, the object will not automatically move on person B’s screen. However, in most cases, opening or editing an object will refresh it with the latest version if it has been changed. If this turns out to be a popular feature, I can work to add real-time updates.

This update involved a huge number of updates on the server and in the editor, and although I’ve done extensive testing, please let me know if you encounter any issues with this update and I’ll attempt to resolve them ASAP.

Other smaller updates/Bug Fixes:

  • Object Library now displays 25 objects per page (@Latif3)
  • Hide behavior editor background when running game, so you can click on your game objects while the behavior editor is open
  • Setting an object’s parent back to “None” triggers a save properly
  • Added Destroyer button back to behavior editor when in interface layer

This looks so awesome.
And I really like the new profile page. so much cleaner.

Also, I would love to try this feature but I need someone first. @CrimsonBlackGames @“Mhx Ar”
If you guys want to. We create a test game and try this out.

Just an FYI: You can send the invites to them from your profile page. Create a team, then send invites from the team using their username or email address.

Edit: also - thanks, I’m glad you like the update :slight_smile:

Sounds cool. Hopefully you are in teamspeak or something so one user doesn’t lose a ton of work if the other user hits save anyway.

I’m sure CBG has more time than I do.

Discord is way more easy to use. And you don’t even need to download it.

25 per page nice

good update, so much new stuff for free acc users :smiley:

Nice and amazing perfect for help on games,but when are we going to see multiplayer/online games

Even if there were a way to do multiplayer online, I don’t think grazer is going to provide server hosting. If the site did have server hosting, it would certainly not be free. As for split screen multiplayer, it would have to double instance the screen. Currently, we don’t even have background animations because of potential lag, so I’m not really expecting any form of multiplayer in the near future, besides sharing the same screen.

@grazer Just found a bug, after this update copy pasting doesn’t work anymore in the behavior screen.

Hey @Latif3 - I just tested some, and copy/paste seems to work ok for me. Is there a specific behavior that isn’t pasting properly?

@grazer It doesn’t work with all behaviors in every object and every game.

So at what point does it fail, and how? For example, I can do this just fine:

  1. create a new object
  2. add a Once block
  3. copy the Once block
  4. create a new object, and paste in the Once block

When you try that - where does it break?

@Latif3 should make the graveyard mobile, i’d get it.

Id publish it

I just tested it out myself. I tried to copy two directions and two numbers, and when I click paste, nothing happens. I tried it again, nothing. I refreshed the page, opened the game again, selected some behaviors, hit copy, then paste, and nothing happens. I attempted to open import, then pasted the code, and when I hit OK, the code was replaced with the message Invalid Behavior Data.

Copy/Paste has definitely been broken. Not sure why it isn’t happening for you.

Here’s a screenshot.

Hey @“Mhx Ar” - thanks for helping me track this down. That info is helpful, I was testing in Firefox, but I’ll try Chrome.


Where is the enabled team button? It not in “My Games”, nor in my profile.

@“Cap. Red Crab”
It says at the top it’s for non-free accounts. You have a free account. Free accounts are limited to demo mode.

can someone add me in a team I want to try it out.

Also thanks for doing that picture @“Mhx Ar”. I wanted to do the same but I was on phone.

@grazer I’m using firefox (latest version 60.0.1) on windows 10.

@“Classic Productions” I can’t because I have a free account so exporting is not possible. I’m actually a beginner game developer though so in the future I’ll hopefully be able to remake The Graveyard with real programming. I’m using a game engine called godot which is completely free and open source, so I can export games too. Now you see I’ve already thought about making The Graveyard for mobile and it really isn’t a bad idea! :slight_smile:

If I could get it on my account Id optimize it for you, then get it published