New update - mostly bugfixes

I just deployed a small update:

  • Alert blocks now have an input to trigger the close button


  • Toggle loops back to input one correctly
  • Extract/spawn position disagreement on some odd-sized sprites
  • Non-ASCII characters in labels save failures fixed
  • Various multiplayer bugs
  • Various crash fixes

Thanks for the fixes Grazer, I like the idea of closing alerts externally!

@grazer i just reloaded the page and its not there

What’s not there @glithctyrus ? If you mean the new Alert input, you’ll have to create a new block, it won’t update existing blocks.

just figured it out



hey @grazer could you make a faster way to delete multiple things?

Like an Eraser Tool! @grazer There should be an erazer tool that can go 1x1, 2x2, and 3x3 for blocks in the editor similar to cloning but deletion.

You can hold the delete/backspace key (depending on your keyboard) and drag your mouse to delete - you mean faster than that?


I never knew!